When clients book an appointment at Read Brown Hair Salon, they receive undivided attention and service.  I do not place my clients on a conveyor belt but a pedestal”, states Josh Fuller. His central philosophy centers on delivering 5-star customer service to each of his discerning clients while specializing in making women and men look beautiful through hairstyles, coloring and makeup artistry that enhance their natural features. Working in the industry for over 30 years has helped Josh craft his undeniable talent and trusty scissors hand.

In the process of working with leading stylists in Paris, New York and Miami, Josh honed his passion-driven skill for creating the perfect look, applying flawless make-up and delivering the ideal customer-service. His hard work paid off as celebrities, fashion photographers and fashionistas began taking notice of his adept creations and service-oriented ethos. His work began to appear on red carpets, between the sheets of many well-known magazines like Vogue and W-Magazine and behind the face of cosmetic empires such Estée Lauder and MAC.  Josh relocated to Palm Springs in 2012 and is pleased to be working with the talented team at Read Brown Hair Salon in Palm Springs. 

Josh’s portfolio can be viewed at:  www.dropbox.com/gallery/46132399/1/Josh-Portfolio?h=e42b58
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Services By: Josh Fuller

 Women - $75
 Men - $45

 Glossing - $35+
 Single process - $75+
 Full color - $90+
      Partial -$75+
      Full - $120+
      Balayage - quote upon consultation
 Men's camouflage (10 minute) - $40
 Bleach - $80+

 Bio Ionic - $450+
 Brazilian Blowout - $300+
 Men's straightening - priced at consultation

 Application - $50
 Makeup Lesson - $90 (90 minutes)

Out Calls:
 Private Clients - All priced upon consultations.

Josh Fuller
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